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Bartos Theatre, Wiesner Building E-15, MIT, 20 Ames St, Cambridge MA, USA

Produced by Future of Health Technology Institute – FHTI

Summit Chair: Renata Bushko,


  • A photo of Dr. Xiu Min Li
    Xiu Min Li
  • A photo of Nick Terheyden
    Nick Terheyden
  • A photo of Aubrey deGrey
    Aubrey de Grey
  • A photo of Claudia Pagliari
    Claudia Pagliari
  •  A photo of Alex Pentland
    Alex Pentland
  • A photo of Tom Chittenden
    Tom Chittenden
  • A photo of Renata Bushko
    Renata Bushko
  • A photo of Dan Hogan
    Dan Hogan
  • A photo of Sylvia Hobbs
    Sylvia Hobbs
  • An image Ray Kurzweil
    Ray Kurzweil
  • A photo of Newton Howard
    Newton Howard
  • A photo of Gary Kreps
    Gary Kreps
  • A photo Shelagh Maloney
    Shelagh Maloney
  • A photo of Jing-Ke Weng
    Jing-Ke Weng
  • A photo of Rosalind Picard
    Rosalind Picard
  • A photo of Darin Correll
    Darin Correll
  • A photo of Robert Jamison
    Robert Jamison
  • A photo of Hermano Igo Krebs
    Hermano Igo Krebs
  • A photo of Lorraine Gudas
    Lorraine Gudas
  • A photo of Urs-Vito Albrecht
    Urs-Vito Albrecht
  • A photo of Robert Teague
    Robert Teague
  • A photo of Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald
  • A photo of Skyler Place
    Skyler Place
  • A photo of Eric Elenko
    Eric Elenko
  • A photo of Albert di Rienzo
    Albert di Rienzo
  • A photo of Henry Lieberman
    Henry Lieberman
  • A photo of Barbara Winston
    Barbara Winston
  • A photo of Sanjay Sarma
    Sanjay Sarma
  • A photo of Stephen Wolfram
    Stephen Wolfram
  • A photo of Agnis Stibe
    Agnis Stibe
  • A photo of Brittany Seymour
    Brittany Seymour
  • A photo of Ian Pentland
    Ian Pentland
  • A photo of Luis Alonso Pastor
    Luis Alonso Pastor
  • A photo of Renna Bushko
    Renna Bushko
  • A photo of Todd Reid.
    Todd Reid
  • A photo of Katia Vega.
    Katia Vega
  • A photo of Yu Shrike Zhang .
    Yu Shrike Zhang
  • A photo of Dr Danuta Glowacka
    Dr Danuta Glowacka
  • A photo of Adam Cross
    Adam Cross
  • A photo of Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson
  • A photo of Dario Lemos
    Dario Lemos
  • A photo of Dipak Panigrahy
    Dipak Panigrahy
  • A photo of Eran Orr
    Eran Orr
  • A photo of Jason Yala
    Jason Cross
  • A photo of Joseph Ciolino
    Joseph Ciolino
  • A photo of Joseph Gonzalez Heydrich
    Joseph Gonzalez Heydrich
  • A photo of Ketan Paranjape
    Ketan Paranjape
  • A photo of Kristin Knouse
    Kristin Knouse
  • A photo of Mahala Burn
    Mahala Burn
  • A photo of Noah Jakimo
    Noah Jakimo
  • A photo of Robert Green
    Robert Green
  • A photo of Sub Datta
    Sub Datta
  • A photo of Su Ryon Shin
    Su Ryon Shin
  • A photo of Yasmin Jodat
    Yasmin Jodat
  • A photo of Peggy Codding
    Peggy Codding

Featured Article

Happier, longer lives

FHTI mission

The Future of Health Technology Institute founded by Renata Bushko in 1996 - FHTI - is a think-tank focusing on key technologies and key challenges to the future of global healthcare. Our goal is to bring together leading thinkers in the area of newly emerging technology and health and to redefine world health strategy so that technology investments can result in less disease and better, affordable treatments. We look for most transformative inventions, ideas, and research results to make lives happier and longer and we disseminate them to maximize their positive impact e.g. 20th Anniversary World Health Strategy eBook (Ed.) Renata G. Bushko.

FHTI award

Given to those who inspire others to make the Earth a better place for human race

The award is presented at the annual Future of Health Technology Dinner during the Summit. The Future of Health Technology Award is in the form of a statue of Pegasus with crystal eyes and one ex- tra nano-diamond eye in the middle of the forehead to reflect supernatural abilities that future health technology will give to human race. In Greek mythology, Pegasus is regarded as the horse of Muses, and has always been at the service of creative minds. And so the story is told of a handsome youth who jumped on the back of a horse that unfolded the splendor of a mighty set of wings and soared towards the heavens where he can still be seen as the star constellation, Pegasus.

2016 Recipient: Dr. Xiu-Min Li

View past winners

FHTI summit


Define the health technology strategy for the 21st century. It is a 20th Anniversary event that brings together leading health and technology experts to reveal, share and debate ideas about cutting-edge medical technologies being utilized to save lives, reduce suffering and extend human potential and to debate world health strategy. Discover new collaborations and ideas to influence health technology for the 21st century to make lives happier and longer. It is an annual event that brings together leading health and technology experts to reveal, share, debate and create ideas involving cutting-edge medical technologies to save lives, reduce suffering and extend human potential. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary innovation meeting including inventors, academia, industry, media, arts, and investors.

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